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Driving Lucid Afterlife is the desire to transport audiences with their unique fusion of psychedelic, metal, electronic, prog, and folk music. The well-established project of Nat Jack, Lucid Afterlife has recorded and performed in countries around the world, particularly in Latin America and the United States, where they regularly play to dedicated fan bases. Jack’s compositions invite listeners to disappear into soundscapes that abide by no genre or creative boundaries, and the band’s electrifying stage presence and kaleidoscopic live visuals have captivated listeners from all walks of life.

As Lucid Afterlife, Jack has collaborated with such notable musicians and producers as legendary keyboardist Dave Stone (Rainbow), hip-hop artist Merkules, and esteemed producer Skip Saylor (Elton John, Eminem). The band has also supported acts like Ill Nino, Bobaflex, Stonebolt, and Snak The Ripper, Twista & The Crystal Method in their hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The band has released four albums, beginning with their Meltdown EP in 2014. Their self-produced LP I Am came out the following year, followed by Occult Mafia Mistress in 2016.
Their latest record, Descendant, was released this year on the American label Forbidden Place Records to great success, with 1,641 streams on Bandcamp as of April 2020 and media coverage in The Vancouver Sun, Vents Magazine, and The Permanent Rain Press, among others

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